The company was founded by Dimitra Tsepletidou as a personal business.

The headquarters of the company is in Sithonia, Halkidiki and specifically in Nikiti.
In 2013 the company changed form and from a personal one to a Single Member P.C.

The company has its own fleet of vehicles and well-trained personnel.

The services it provides are:

  • Fixed security services
  • Patrol security services
  • Υπηρεσίες φύλαξης προσώπων
  • Electronic monitoring services
  • Design and installation services of security systems
  • Study and installation services of monitoring circuits
  • Design and installation of fire safety systems
  • Installation services of security systems in photovoltaic installations
  • Reception services
  • Ship guarding services in the coastal area
  • Remittance escort services

The company’s products are always guided by the best and maximum performance to the customer. The company inspects its products daily and gives the maximum guarantee for them.

In the above fields, the people of ATHOS SECURITY – management and employees – as basic principles and philosophy, have:

  • Providing quality services to meet the needs of our customers.
  • The continuous improvement of the organization, the infrastructure, the human resources in order to meet the growing needs of the society.

The basic Processes required for the efficient operation of the company, and specifically of the Production Department, their logical order and interaction are presented in a relevant diagram of the Management System Organization.

The criteria and methods applied for the effective operation and control of the Processes where required have as a model the most stringent requirements of:

  • ELOT EN ISO 9001 standard for Quality Management
  • OHSAS 18001 / ELOT 1801: 2008 standard for Occupational Health and Safety
  • General Legislation for the operation of the company

From the first day of its operation, the company aims at the gradual development of its annual turnover, its participation in national tenders and the undertaking of major projects.

ATHOS security cooperates with very remarkable businessmen and companies for the Greek market such as:

  • Arxitex
  • Sivris
  • Frigho stahl
  • Mouzenidis Group

Already in the new year the company has started cooperation with PAOK F.C. for the partial security of its stadium, and with the Hotel “Macedonia Palace” for its daily and uninterrupted security, approaching even more its goals for the new year by adding two more important customers to the list of important collaborations.

The company is active in all areas of security, providing a complete package of services to its customers. It has specialized people for every position and service, either through the company itself or through collaborations with the most experienced and most qualified people and companies in the field of security. The goal of the company is every time a new challenge, which will complete it and receive the best ratings from its customers.

Athos Security Quality Policy
Athos Security Health Policy

Tsepletidou Dimitra

Corporation charter