DTMF device with 2 channels (messages) and 8 telephone numbers per channel.


Backup of telephone communication via GSM and paging / remote control via SMS.

Easy Communicator GSM / GPRS

Easy Communicator ® is a reliable GSM / GPRS signal and data transmitter.
The device monitors remote digital inputs and determines remote digital outputs.
Data transfer works through the mobile network.
Additionally, you can use the device to send ID signals from an alarm system or an alarm center to a remote monitoring center – with DTMF codes.

The purpose of using the device is to replace the use of traditional analog telephone lines for the transmission signal.
When there is an analog telephone line, this device can be a backup channel in case of problems.
Easy Communicator ® is suitable for connecting to the IP of the receiver to transmit the sender information to the service provider.

The output of the device can be controlled by SMS text messages.
Configuration is possible via SMS or with a PC.
The communication device passes the required data through the GPRS network to the remote monitoring center or the server in Contact ID format.

Areas of application

It offers a complete solution to the target areas.
For the collection of data provided by security systems and their transmission to the K.L.S.
In case vigilance and monitoring of work is required.
Elevator monitoring.
Maintenance work.
Monitoring tasks.
Maintenance of digital outputs (SMS, Voice, GPRS).
Remote control (SMS, Voice, GPRS).
Transmission of measurement data from measuring devices.
Water level through inlet of the device.
General measurements.
Fire protection (fires, transmission of smoke signals).
Functions for remote Gate opening.

GSM-Multiple inputs-outputs

Remote control / Remote control Via GSM and automation controller.
The GAT8.4 device performs remote control / paging via the GSM network (GSM controller) and local automation (Programmable Logic Controller) in home and professional installations.

It is mounted on a special plastic housing for mounting on a rail (DIN-rail), for mounting on an electrical panel.
On the side surfaces it has detachable terminals for the power / input / output connections, GSM antenna connector, as well as extension connector.
The front includes a SIM card slot, a mini USB connector, (hidden) restart / initialization buttons, and a total of 16 LEDs to display the current operating status.

The GSM communication of the device works with a common SIM card of mobile phone of any provider (connection with contract or prepaid).
The device is programmed and communicates in 2 ways: By SMS messages exchanged with a common mobile phone or by computer with the USB connection it provides.
Comes with support software (in Windows environment), which provides significant support in programming / debugging / operation monitoring.

The device is produced in 2 types with different supply voltage:
Type GAT8.4a with operating voltage 85 ~ 260 Vac (110 ~ 370 VDC),
and type GAT8.4b with operating voltage 9 ~ 24 Vac (10 ~ 35 VDC).