Escorting high-ranking individuals is a service that is primarily characterized by discretion and efficiency. The assessment of the possible risks that the guarded person is going through is a primary concern of our company.
Based on this detailed assessment, we prepare a comprehensive safety plan, which in no way disrupts the daily life of the person in custody, even if it belongs to the high risk category.

Specially trained men of our company with certificates and guarding licenses V.I.P, act as escorts of the natural person, providing him with a complete sense of security, even 24 hours a day.
The caregiver, whether an adult or a minor, focuses on their respective daily activities thanks to the special case-by-case design and handling that are the guarantee of absolute effectiveness.

In addition, our company provides special concierge services, during which in cooperation with travel agencies and boat charter companies, in addition to the safety of the guest can guarantee the excellent organization of a trip anywhere in the world.
The escort staff, trained in Greece and abroad, as well as of course the Security Officer, are able to manage any crisis that may arise.