ATHOS SECURITY due to its many years of experience in security systems installations and its specialized partners, is able to offer solutions for all needs, offering ideal solutions for businesses and shops, as well as for permanent and holiday homes.
The company’s range includes from simple alarm systems to automation systems.

The company covers all areas of security.


• Security systems. The most complete alarm systems, fire safety, etc. that cover the needs of an industry, a business, a home and can be connected to the signal reception center of our company in all regions of Greece.

• Closed TV circuits: (CCTV & DVR): ATHOS SECURITY undertakes the installation of surveillance circuits, which are applicable in business premises, public services, homes.

Satellite signal reception: We install Satellite antennas for receiving any satellite for individual or central installation.

Automation: With a phone call or sending an SMS you have the ability to manage many devices in your space. Turn on the radiator or water heater, turn on the lights in your garden, at home, etc.

Our goal is for you to feel and be safe.